• Assorted dishes and drinks spread on the table, side view
  • Chocolate lava cake served with red wine
  • Rainbow roll served

Japanese BBQ & Sushi

About us

Welcome to KOEN, a unique Japanese BBQ and Sushi experience! Sharing a meal has always been a cultural cornerstone that brings people together from all walks of life. KOEN in Japanese simply means, "A gathering place" where creating lasting memories with family, friends, and loved ones with grill which is built right into your table, literally!
KOEN is the only restaurant in Lincoln, NE where you can enjoy authentic Japanese BBQ flavors pre-marinated and brought to you plated and ready to grill to your liking. Every guest becomes a world-class chef with personal smoke-less grills built right into each table. Specially designed ventilation systems pull smoke away and vent completely outside, so you can relax in a clean and healthy atmosphere. And if family style grilling isn't your goal, come in and relax with an Asian inspired cocktail, partake in daily happy hour specials, or order fresh-made sushi for dine in or carry out. Online ordering is also available.

Japanese BBQ, also called "yakiniku", is the Japanese take on Korean BBQ which simply means grilling pre-marinated thinly-sliced premium cuts of protein on a gas or charcoal grill. The Japanese then placed their own spin on the concept and added soy and gochujang based dipping sauces making the final dish completely unique. This hybrid technique became widespread in Japan after WWII and ventilated grills finally came about in the 1980's making dining experiences more comfortable. Restaurants featuring this type of cooking have only recently surfaced in the United States in larger metropolitan cities with the closest being in Chicago, IL.